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A decorative and insulating external cladding system. This system combines a layer of treated polystyrene – which provides excellent thermal insulation – and is covered with a solid outer layer designed to resist different climatic conditions

Thermal insulation systems

Advantages of thermal insulation

  • Reducing the electrical energy consumed For cooling and heating.
  • Reduce the use of air conditioners and maintenance costs.
  • Protecting building materials from temperature changes Temperature and humidity.
  • Protect furniture inside the building.
  • Increase comfort and reduce noise External.
  • Environment protection

EIFS external insulation system

Thermal insulators are installed on the exterior walls of the building and are decorative. The building is completely enveloped from the outside and in this system. Overcoming all thermal bridges. It is the only system that isolates columns, bridges and spans and eliminates Their function as thermal bridges.