Rawas Al Diyar Polystyrene

Thermal insulation systems

Thermal Insulation

Where polystyrene is a good heat insulator, due to its Cyfosili composition, which works to prevent heat leakage through it, and the thermal conductivity varies according to density.

Acoustic insulation

Due to the structure of the Cyrosol mahenal noisa absorbent, as the passing sound waves break through the walls of its cells, Decreasing the nase to the lowest.

Light weight

Expanded Polystyrene EPS is a lightweight material that is easy to carry and transport.


Compared to different insulation materials, it is considered a strong material that Witbriona pressure, and with an increase in density, the material’s Darbibty increales.

Dimensional stability

Dimensions of different polystyrene shapes do not change over time unless exposed to very high or very low temperatures.


In our factory, we manufacture all types of blocks, from light to highly-compressed, as well as any density  as per request

Horde roof

The hurricane roof is one of the modern methods of construction. It is used to insulate ceilings to reduce loads as an alternative to cement or red bricks. Many architects demand its implementation due to the many advantages that exist in this construction method. Therefore, Rawas Al Diyar Chemicals Factory met the needs of the market in terms of densities. Various sizes to suit everyone’s needs

Among its most important features

  • Light weight, which reduces the loads on the foundations.
  • Ease of transportation and installation, which saves time and effort.
  • Remarkable thermal insulation between the different floors.
  • Conservation in the amount of used reinforcing steel, which reduces the cost,
  • Good shock absorbenk and cannot be affected by any chemicals.
  • Contributes to sound insulation.
  • It is not affected by fungi and does not decompose.


Rawas Al Diyar Chemical Factory is considered one of the leading factories in designing polystyrene molds, in order to create geometric and decorative shapes that reflect an aesthetic look on the structure. And with the urban expansion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the desire to add an aesthetic form to the building, it was directed to use polystyrene to create geometric shapes that add the aesthetic formula to the building.

Among its most important features

  • It can be decorated in a variety of shapes, according to request.
  • Resistant to erosion factors such as rain and snow.
  • Non-corrosive (resistant to chemicals).
  • Environmentally friendly and long-lived.
  • It has the property of thermal insulation.
  • Solid and shock resistant.
  • Light and easy to install.


Among its most important features

  • The intensity of thermal, acoustic and water insulation.

  • High impact resistance.


They are strips of expanded polystyrene produced in different densities, which reach (.4 kg / m3). They are flexible in cutting according to the dimensions and thicknesses required to perform the required insulation ratio. They are widely used in a number of applications, and the insulation boards are ideal for use in all applications, including commercial and residential, including Including warehouses, factories, destinations, offices, homes, apartment buildings, sheds and parking lots.

Among its most important features

  • Insulation of cold rooms, ceilings, walls and warehouses.
  • Sound isolation
  • Versatile
  • They can be used in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Insulation from the weather
  • Suitable for low moisture absorption.


It is a ribbed slat made of expanded polystyrene and produced by injection method. It is placed in the middle of the concrete block during the manufacture of the block for the purpose of thermal insulation. It is available in different sizes according to market requirements.

Among its most important features

  • Better thermal insulation due to lower thermal conductivity.
  • Suitable in terms of its low moisture absorption.
  • With excellent physical specifications.
  • Continuity of thermal insulation.
  • Insulation from the weather.
  • In terms of water absorption, bacteria and mold resistance and resistance to various environmental factors.
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Vegetable and Fish boxes

We offer our customers the best range of fish boxes and vegetable boxes. These boxes are manufactured using the highest grades of raw materials and implementing advanced manufacturing techniques. It has been designed to fully meet your packaging requirements.

Among its most important features

  • Insulation of cold rooms, ceilings, walls and warehouses.
  • Sound isolation
  • Versatile
  • They can be used in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Insulation from the weather
  • Suitable for low moisture absorption.

Polystyrene granules

We have polystyrene granules, which are characterized by extreme lightness in weight and a pearly white color. They are considered fire resistant and are of course made of expanded polystyrene. The diameter of one granule ranges from 3 to 12 mm, and the density ranges from 8 to 16 kg/m3

Polystyrene granules are used as a filler between concrete, as well as between the interior of sofas and bean bags (relaxing chairs) and high-luxury boards, as well as some pillows, mattresses and mattresses, and are used as stuffing for children’s games

Sandwich Panel products

They are sheets of expanded polystyrene coated with two layers of coated metal glued to the polystyrene on both sides. The inner and outer surfaces are equipped with grooves to increase the strength of the metal and the plate and to add an aesthetic touch to the metal. The installation method used to collect the sandwich panels together is based on the principle of interlocking or overlapping between them.

Among its most important features

  • It can save more than 30{1f84a28069f010c17a5ee8b50413feb4f750365351e34aea 527caba821379bb1} of the value of operating costs of air conditioning and heating.
  • Completely resistant to water and moisture absorption.
  • Long life unless exposed to direct damage.
  • Very economical.
  • Strength and lightness.
  • Ease of installation.

Cut Outs

3D, hand carving and tailoring models for companies and people, as well as models made of cork according to designs and sizes

Special products (packaging)

When your products need a kind of protection and strength in performance, we, Rawas Al Diar Chemical Factory, give you the best products through the best advanced technology specialized in designing special molds, which will allow us to produce the product faster and with high efficiency.

Among its most important features

  • Consistency in coordination and design
  • Endurance and strength
  • Accurate and appropriate shape
  • Shorter shipping distance