About Our Company

Rawas Al-Diyar Factory

Based on the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to provide electrical energy, we have turned to manufacturing heat-insulating stone slabs in order to provide financial sustainability for the consumer and a comfortable environment for housing that follows the Saudi building code. We have exclusively developed and manufactured an advanced system based on the prefabricated EIFS system in Saudi factories to suit the harsh climates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to matching it

According to Saudi Electricity Company specifications. We provide decorative insulation products for the interior and exterior of the building. This system was created by combining a special quality of polystyrene with stone powder mixed with special materials to give it protection and solidity to withstand climatic conditions, which provides practical and alternative solutions to the products.

The precedent saves money, time, and many other advantages. We also provide the best thermal insulation and decoration products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries, and the Arab world by bringing the best artistic and technical solutions according to internal and external building uses. We rely in our products on high-quality environmentally friendly materials. Highly compatible with Gulf and international specifications and standards.

Our Vision

Rawas Al Diyar Chemical Factory established to become one of the leading factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia locally and in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, in the manufacture of thermal insulation, packaging and various polystyrene products. It aims to supply advanced and lightweight solutions for the construction, industrial, agricultural and service sectors.

Our Mission

Rawas Al Diyar Chemical Factory relied on keeping pace with the development and improvement of production processes to satisfy the requirements of customers and the market in general, which opened the way to cover larger markets in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. Today, Rawas Al Diyar Chemical Factory has become one of the largest suppliers of polystyrene in the Kingdom and the Gulf countries.